Saturday, February 21, 2004

Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't written much - things have been crazy since I got here.

Jet-lag and grumpy, I spent my first week in Sydney at my friend's James' house. I did the tourist stuff such as art galleries and museums during the day and going out to the pub with James' friends at night. Sydney is an amazing green city with lots of history. Beer is an everyday thing here and I can't keep up - nor do I neccessarily want to.

Last week I made my way to Canberra where I'm staying in residence. Canberra has been the capitol city for roughly twenty-five years so everything is incredibly organized and beautiful to the extent of feeling unnatural or part of a Tim Burton movie like Edward Scissorhands. In this case, I'm just waiting for something extraordinarily unusual to suddenly happen.

I've met some really nice people, one I would call my long lost brother - Andrew from Toronto. There have been lots of Frosh parties though they aren't generally my thing, I've been eating for free and meeting lots of people.

The art school looks so good I nearly pissed myself when I saw it. The classes are small and therefore the facilities are more spacious than I'm used to. I love the building. So far it seems like the art school is sort of its own little world separate from the uni.

Sorry this one is bland not very interesting. I'll try to write more frequently as things happen now that I'm settling in.

Though I've made some really nice friends, I miss all of you crazy people back home!


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