Monday, July 25, 2005

Sarah Is Alive and Well!

Sarah!, originally uploaded by sinkblue.

I headed down to the Lantern Festival (Illuminaries) at Trout Lake with friends Julie and Kenton. We joined Catherine and SARAH! along the way.
Sarah was the only one among us with a Lantern, and what a brillant lantern it was! A metal rod, plastic forks, gelati cups and duct tape - there couldn't be a better lantern! (Except for that guy with a real blow fish that had been dried out and lit up with a candle on the inside).
We met up with Ryan near a squirrel tail stand (with a giant squirrel on top) and then frolicked with the hand drumming parade. It was so much fun. We saw 'Spectacular Theatre' - a live 'freak' show. And while attempting improvisational dance in the lantern labyrinth, I face-planted and bruised my knee - there's a red horizontal oval on my kneecap. So much fun!!!

Sarah is now talking about having a 'Sports Day' with a bunch of friends. I suggested racing while flipping pancakes on wooden paddles. I loved that one. Ooooh, and of course at the end there has to be a huge tug of war.

In a week or two I plan on going to the corn maze for fun so anyone who wants to come should let me know.

At the end of August, I'm having my birthday early - a potlock and bbq in my backyard - things will get too busy in September when school starts.

On August 27 - Mars should be the closest it has ever been in the last 5000 years - and ever will be for another 5000 years. We should all have a Mars party - head out to where we can see the stars, start a campfire - have fun. It would be great.


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