Wednesday, June 29, 2005

A Wasp in the Mini-Van

Wasps scare me. Today as I was driving to work I noticed a wasp flying around the van. When it circled over to the dashboard, I pulled over and turned on the hazard lights. As it bumped repeatedly agianst the half-open glass window, I cautiously pressed the automatic button until it finally flew out the window - my body squeemishly slanted to the right.
So I checked out wasps online and found The Wasp Woman - a horror movie from 1960 about a woman who became addicted to queen-wasp butt-serum because it made her look youthful. The tagline is "a beautiful woman by day - a lusting queen woman by night." For me that sounds like it just makes her really horny, not necessarily montrous but I have read novels about how women who 'wants it' are depicted as heinous in films. The picture above is not the Wasp Woman (also known as the Bee Girl and Insect Woman - so creative) - I just put it up because it makes me happy.
When you dream of wasps, it refers to something that has had a stinging or painful effect on you or that someone has the capacity to hurt you.


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