Sunday, June 12, 2005

Me and the Boys

I had an awesome time Saturday night hanging out with Sam, Nick and unexpectantly, the very interesting and special Doug!
After watching that Jude Law film Alfie during which Sam had in his arms one hell of a cute cougar (ie - the girl upstairs), Doug introduced us to ZOMBIES! A cross between Labyrinth and Risk - this game is great. You kill miniature zombies while lining them up against your opponents and building a city. Doug with his substance-abusing habits was hilarious. I stayed up with these fellows until 3:15am when I had to pass out. Capsized by Sam's couch cushions, I received a hug goodnight from Nick, a kiss/peck goodnight from Doug and a ferocious raspberry from Sam on the neck that made me squeel. I love being tickled so much I'll never try to dull the nerves along the bottom of feet and elsewhere.
Gayle is only 17 years old but she gave me really good advice about relationships. I'm adding her to TEAM:Sharon.
Today I also had a great time hanging with my friend Mike. I realize that I appreciate my friends a hell lot more now that I'm better.
I have to admit, if nothing happens between Sam and his new cougar friend, I may have some competition for the role of being Sam's friend who doesn't sleep with him. For my sake, I hope they get it on.


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