Friday, June 10, 2005

I'm Free - They let me out and gave me a certificate for it!

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Here's Sam wearing one of Catherine's uber eccentric earrings - dangling and all.
So to all my friends out there:
I'm free! I've finished my program out in Maple Ridge. My only obligations are to work 30 hours a week and continue to have as much fun as possible. I have even received a certificate "in recognition of exceptional effort in learning the tools to lead a full life."
So people, expect annoying calls from me. You will hang out with me.
And let me know where I can find some Riverdancing Midgets. Thanks!

And I almost forgot: Because I made a joke, I am now going to Hawaii in Aug 2006 . . . if you want to find out how this happened . . . you have to hang out with me! HA HA!

And I've been taking horsebackriding lessons with my mom - I'm finding it hard to keep my legs together these days.

And I'm taking singing lessons this summer. I love to sing. Maybe if I learn how to do it right more people will be willing to shower with me.


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