Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Finally! I Got a Tattoo!

My Tattoo - Again!
Originally uploaded by sinkblue.
Since I was six years old I wanted a tattoo - but when my eighteenth birthday passed - I as too scared to commit to an image for the rest of my life - so I've been searching for that 'perfect' image ever since. Well, I was really looking for an image that would suit me and everyone I know.
I got fed up with sitting on the fence and decided that even though I didn't know what I wanted, I would have a tattoo by the end of the week. For a couple of days, I was working with themes I love - ocean, stars (I'm such a girlie-girl sometimes). But when I found a T-Shirt I designed in Australia, I had found my image.
Inspired by the dandilions you blow and make a wish with, I had printed cluster-abstracts of this flower on shirts. Some see it as fireworks, others as an emblem from 1950's pop culture. It doesn't matter to me because I love it.
I'm glad my new friend Gail was able to come with me - she wants to get a tattoo when she turns eighteen so she wanted to watch - and I wanted someone there. The Tattoo Man who worked on me was really funny - but I was too scared and nervous to laugh. I was happy that the staff was really supportive of my design.
When he finally started working - I learned that it hardly hurts at all. My piercings hurted more. It hurt a bit as the needle got closer to the bone, but I was surprised at how catastrophic I thought the situation would be compared to the actual event. Anyway - there are more pictures of having the tattoo done on my photo page.
Afterwards, I took Gail out for gelati to thank her for coming with me - and she laughed at the howls my car makes when I'm parallel parking.
The stress from the tattoo - or what I thought the experience would be, must have overwhelmed me so much that I went right to bed when I got home.


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