Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Stomach Flu

Ah, so this is what I look like on dates. Rebecca took this picture from across the table at Sammy J Peppers, and now I see what my dates see. Poor guys - I'm sorry.
This was the last picture taken when I was well. For the past three days I've been no farther than ten feet from the toilet - I have stomach flu. And it's painful.
The good news is that because the stomach flu has been so boring, I've updated some of my accounts and found that an elementary school friend has found me online - it's fun seeing how people have turned out - and he's heading to South America in the autumn which is awesome.
And I've been able to chat with Sarah - haven't talked to her in so long I forgot how much fun it is to talk to her. She's been busy getting over a concussion and being super.
I actually got to talk to my friend Mike and give him my full attention - he's going through sick stuff. Mike is my 'amazing' friend because he lost a lung and grew it back. For this he has been noted in the medical books twice! He's also a really nice guy which is a bonus.
During my stomach flu I've learned that Gateraid sucks, no teddy bear is too small and a couple of yoga moves. I also finished my new toque so my "Linus' Blanket" is back!
And I've been pondering this conundrum: Who are the better dancers - the kids from South Park or the gang from Charlie Brown? One jumps from side to side and the other bobs their heads. They both have such great moves!


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