Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Me about to Head East to Maple Ridge

These are the clip-ons I put on before my drive out the program which is going really well - it gets better and better every day.
So why the clip-ons? My eyes started to burn for no reason - it wasn't allergies because I wasn't getting any of the other symptoms.
So I saw my doctor, got some eye drops and I was encouraged to keep my eyesight away from the sunlight. That's hard to do when you're driving East at 8:30 am on these beautiful sunny days. My mother, the resourceful person that she is, found this old pair of clip-ons. They do the job - and I laughed so hard my first drive wearing them I can't give them up! I stopped to let a family cross the street and the little blond girl laughed and pointed at me! I can't wait to wear them to the beach! Thanks Mom!
Like I said, the program is going great - I've met incredible people and we all know eachother so well now - they all have amazing, powerful stories I wish I could share but I signed a privacy agreement.
And I love the drive out to Maple Ridge in the morning - easy going, beautiful skyline - and the opposite traffic is just standing still. Even with feeling over-worked, April has been a really good month for me.


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