Tuesday, April 26, 2005


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Andrew ran out of his house to greet me at the shuttle - he looked like Jesus in a hoodie - I jumped out to give him a huge hug - I've really missed him since Australia.
I gave him some smoked salmon and off we went to tour downtown Calgary where Andrew found himself lost in trying to find stuff to show me. I kept reminding him that I came to Calgary because I missed him and Heather - not to see Calgary's Granduer.
He showed me his pottery - since it's his final year, he's just having a blast doing what he wants and not caring what his teachers think. He has an apprenticeship set up for him in Saskachewan living on a farm with a famous potter that he's really excited about. I'm really glad he's getting what he wants.
Andrew always hated being called a hippy even though he has hippy tendencies. So why the long hair? It turns out his Mom is fighting cancer and Andrew wanted to make a wig out of his hair for his mother while she goes through kimo.
Andrew, despite first impressions, is a super sweet and caring guy. I know he's terrible to keep in touch with him through email so saying bye to him was hard knowing that. I hope we'll hang again.


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