Thursday, March 10, 2005

Mad Martinis and a Bad Back

Nick invited me out to Infernos Tuesday night for $2 martinis and to meet some of his friends. I had a blast! - tried every martini like they were flavours at Baskin Robins. I think I liked the orgasm, the pussy galore and the sweet sensation the most.

That night I met someone to go see Something about Reptiles with! My information is a little mangled because of the martinis but this guy is somehow connected with some accordian shop . . . so he's familiar with the lead singer I rave about. His dad has something to do with trombones so he's going to New Orleans for some convention coming up (Avi - I'm sorry if I got any of this wrong, but at least I got your name right!). Further, Avi used to date someone I knew in high school and for some reason my full name was discussed last week by people I don't know.

I also met Douglas - actually, I've met him a couple of times. The first was a new year's party where Natasha got a hold of a marker and wrote all over everyone (that's how Douglas remembers her). She, for some unknown reason, took a picture of Douglas' bare ass - I've seen it. And further, I remember that Douglas bit her that night. Douglas is a lot of fun - has a great sense of humor . . . now that his hair is short (used to be super long) and since he was wearing his office gear - he kind of looked like Johnny Depp (Avi says Douglas was player in high school).

I met Katie - one of Nick's coworkers. I remember she and I laughed a lot - and she was very open about a serious tragedy that happened to her and so I really admire her ability to have dealt with it to the point of feeling comfortable talking about it with two-minute friends - Nick is having another get together next tuesday and I hope she comes.

I would agree with Sam that the martinis were weak . . . but I had so much fun and god damn! They were only $2!

So why the bad back?

Today I was T-boned. I was making a left hand turn on an amber light. Sometimes I'll wait in the intersection until the light turns red because I know people gun the amber, but I could see that traffic was slowing down and therefore they recognised the yellow. I almost made it through when I heard a car screech and then bang - she hit the front of my car on the passenger side. I managed to pull out of traffic and into a bus stop and put the hazard lights on. This woman followed me and got out of her car - she said "How could you pull out in front of me like that?" and I replied "It was an amber light!" (to which she seemed confused but didn't argue against. Then she said "Well you were going through the amber too!" and I argued "You make left hand turns on the amber, not on the red!" at which point we stopped talking about the situation and she helped me call BCAA for a tow truck because I was shaking too much to dial correctly. My car was leaking green fluid and neither of us knew what it meant - regardless I was too shaken to drive even if the car was alright. We noticed that her car was leaking but instead of calling for a towtruck, the woman said that it would probably be okay. She had said earlier she needed to get to a really important appointment - doctor I think - and I guess it was really important because she drove off with a leaky car. I even offered to wait for her towtruck if she wanted to get a cab to wherever she had to go. I wonder if I couldn't see her coming because she was speeding or because she was blocked by another car - but cars ahead of her were slowing down.

No one pulled over as a witness - but it sickens me that no one pulled over to see if we were okay. So unfortunately it's my word against hers. My back hurts across the upper shoulders, in the small of my back and on the sides of my neck. I'm okay otherwise but we'll see how I feel tomorrow. Saw the doctor today - said I seem fine, a bit stiff but that it's also hard to say at this point. As my mom drove me to the doctors (over traintracks and speedbumps - ouch!) I felt sorry for the woman who hit me because she was probably in as much pain. Cars suck.


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