Sunday, January 02, 2005

New Year's Party: Somebody Stepped on Me

I've been catching up with people the past couple of weeks. Place Des Arts is closed over the holidays so I had a two week break - I'm pretty spoiled. It was really good hanging out with Glen - too bad he doesn't like Vancouver because it's fun having him around.

On Jan 4 I will be an aerobics guinea pig for three months. It's part of a publicity campaign for a new fitness centre (though they're calling it a 'study') and I thought "free opportunity to get healthier - alright!" I've been eating a lot of cookies and chocolate and other indulgences since I found out they chose me . . . needless to say I've gained some weight in the past two weeks. Anyway, I'll probably note about it on the blog but apparently the local paper will be keeping in touch with the program.

If you look at the cover of the movie 'Pet Cemetary' the quote next to the title states "SOMETIMES DEAD IS BETTER". This is not motto to pass this on to the Mood Disorder Association.

I'm sitting next to Natasha's mom who's singing the Beverly Hillbillies' opening song. Having grown up watching Natasha annoy her mom, it's funny to see her mom do it back!


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