Sunday, December 19, 2004

Missy 1990-2004

The most expensive vet bill my mom ever paid was when she had to fly her dog Negra from Whitehorse to Alaska to reach the closest veterinarian. It cost her a couple thousand dollars and this was the 1970's. Because of this, I believed my mom's reason for putting my dog down without me and before I could say goodbye.

I got home from work to find my mom waiting at the top of the stairs with red glassy eyes. Missy's condition was too distressing for her to wait past receiving the number of ill-fated tests we put her through. She was missing fur on half her face, around her eyes, before her ear and on her paws. Instead of fur, red scabs coloured her skin. A tumor had grown on the gland that fights against mites and other illnesses. Even though my mother tried to force her for over an hour, Missy wasn't eating. A couple of days before her death, I saw a fellow with a severe case of psoriasis on his face and I gravely thought of her. The night before, I slept with her in my bed and I woke up the next morning with blood on my pillow.

She was thirteen years old. JJ, my other dog and her daughter, probably knows. She's not acting too happy. She and I walked through Mundy Park and she wouldn't trot ahead of me like she usually does. It disturbed me that I won't be calling Missy's name out in that park. JJ's going to need a lot of attention for the next couple of weeks.

A few days ago, I was interviewed for a volunteer position at the Boys and Girls Club of North Burnaby. I'll probably be working with children in crafts or theatre. What I appreciated the most about the interview is that the main objective of the programs they offer is that the children are happy. Because of my personal study of social behavior, they were surprised at how much I know about abused or neglected children and their needs and behavior. I should probably pursue my curiousities further. For now, I'm really looking forward to volunteering there this January.


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