Saturday, April 10, 2004

Once again, it has been too long since my last posting. I spent the last weekend here in Canberra - where being comatose is big fun. Classes, like minimun wage jobs, are 9-5 and almost as fatiguing. At night I tend to hang out with whoever I happen to find. If it's Cat (Melbourne) and Laura (Hobart, Tazmania), we have a knitting party while watching "The Young Ones" and making fun of each other. If it's Jessica (Parkes) or Mandi (Georgia USA), we talk until our curiousities take us to ridiculous ends. If it's Andrew (brother) or Phoebe (Sydney) there is no end to the scat of cruel remarks, the throwing of food and at the best of times, even the climbing of trees. Actually, Andrew was gone for the past week, and we all missed him. He's a small red head who can get really bouncy sometimes.
Now the update:
Last Friday, I went to a birthday party full of textiles students. It was at the largest pub establishment I have ever seen. In one building, there were three interconnected pubs and one drive-through liquor store. We sat outside drinking pink champagne and vodka cruisers. We practically had the patio to ourselves, and the music so low we could hear each other speak. That's my favourite kind of party.
The next day, we (people at the hall) all seemed to be laying around, trying to think of something to do or wait for something to do. I ended up riding my bike to the botanical gardens [Heather (Saskatchewan) found a bike for free and gave it to me. It was left by an exchange student who studied here last year. Everything but the gears work). In the evening, I joined Jessica and her friends as they raced wheeling desk chairs down the hallways of the residence. They later decided to watch TV so I decided to go to bed.
One hour later, Steve (Wisconsen, USA) knocks on my door and tells me that we're going to a jazz-student party in the Campbell surburb with Heather. Along with Emily (California) and Jara (AOU - Aussie of Unknown Origin) we walk to the social gathering and it takes us an hour.
At the party, they had ice blocks on a 45degree angle with chiselled marks resembling a running river and a funnel carved at the end. The idea of the game was to put your mouth up to the cold funnel while swallowing the goon (bad boxed wine) that was poured at the top end. When they ran out of goon, some guys tried to slide the ice blocks down the field with little success because the grass was too dry and the night too cold. We ended up playing discus with them instead.
At three in the morning, Heather, Paul (AOU) and I went to go crash at Heather's place in Ainslie. Paul and Heather innocently shared the bed while I took the livingroom couch. In the middle of the night, I was woken by, yes, another horrific bird. This one sounded like part little girl, part banshee and all scream. So I crawled into Bed with Paul and Heather (Heather gave me a hug, Paul smelled a bit) until sunrise and returned to the couch only to be woken by a real little girl. Heather, holding her roomate's five year old daughter over my face, was telling me it was time to wake up. One hour later, Delmelza (Heather's neighbour and the Canberra exchange student that came to Emily Carr a year ago) stopped by with coffee.
In a hurry to clean up and go to Emily's birthday picnic, I rushed by to ANU with Paul. One five minute shower later, I was riding my bike alongside Heather to the lake for tea, cookies and birthday fun in a dress as Emily requested on her invitation. We spoke of bugs, "Soilent Green" and Rob's (Alice Springs) up and coming nude modelling career.
After that, I slept my fatigue away in time to see Tim Burton's "Big Fish" with Cat and Laura. Though the set, costume and themes were very Tim Burton, I was surprised to find it had a touchy-feely ending to it.
The past week, I've been going to school, having diner, doing homework and chatting with the few people here who have not yet taken off for Easter Break. Easter Break is a sixteen day holiday for ANU students. Most students have assessments and essays due before Easter, and then they go home for the break. My assessments have been postponed because we had two guest speaker workshops this week. One taught us about contemporary shibori (Japanese tie-dye, manipulation of cloth into sculpture and more) and the other talked about using non-conventional materials in hand-knitting. My highlight of the week, however, was when Jill (Weaving Teacher) brought us her unwanted fabrics and August (Taiwan - Netherlands - USA - Sydney) found a pair of heart underwear and pinned it up on the wall.
August has to be one of the most interesting people I've met so far. He wants to study Fashion design in Paris, but his parents want him to get a degree in something more sustainable. Right now he is studying Digital Media, and when he finishes he'll be going straight to France. On the side, he is paid to make dresses out of expensive material ($600 a meter) for Ambassador's wives, and he sings Opera in Sydney. He is also, possibly, the best smelling guy I've ever met.
For Easter break, I am going to New Zealand on the 14th for twelve days. Twelve days isn't long enough, but I don't know how to fit it into my time otherwise. And I'm not going to Hobbit Village.
I've had a hard time because I miss you guys and I love the emails I get. I hope I'll be able to write blogs at least every second day in New Zealand.
Love Sharon


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