Monday, March 22, 2004

I just spent a few days in Melbourne on a textiles field trip with some classmates and a few teachers. There's more magic in Melbourne than in Sydney. Galleries are everywhere and the coffee is great. Pavikki, Aimee and I stumbled upon some fireworks, stood in line for a fashion show, took gift bags meant for Media people documenting that show, ate media people's gift bag chocolate, strutted in the train stations, somehow repeatedly ended up at St. Paul's Cathedral like some kind of homing device used to convert non-catholics, offered pre-teens beer (would I have gotten deported if I actually gave them some?), ate chocolate, saw the shibori opening, ate at Hungry Jack's or what we know as Burger King, got distracted by an Irish accent, tried vegemite, lost my mini-disk player (or it was stolen, unsure), pretended to be statues in the street, and probably more than I can think of right now. I've just gotten back, and this weekend I'm going to Parks (the small town with the huge satelite that the movie 'the Dish' is based on) with Jessica (Parks) and Harriet (Californian) to celebrate Jessica's birthday. So much travelling makes it hard to concentrate on or do work. I'm in a backpacker-student tug-a-war and so far the backpacker is winning.
On a side note, my art theory lecturer said in regard to all those who didn't do their reading that 'may their souls rot in hell'. I like him.
I have been spelling cockatiels wrong. For this I am very sorry.
My current boyfriend Neal and my exboyfriend Clint found themselves randomly at the same kareoke bar. Neal was kicked out for hackling the kareoke lady and the sound guy, and Clint was asked to leave to putting the microphone into his mouth. Both exited the bar at the same time. It's a crazy small world. The idea of getting kicked out of a bar with Neal makes me miss Vancouver.
My drawing teacher remarked that my coordination of blue and baby blue is superb for it brings out the colour of my eyes. He's a weird, funny homosapian.
The sun is setting and making the computer labratory buzz with flourescents. The UV filtered windows make the dimming sky look gray. I must be almost nightime for I am becoming sentimental.
Rebecca, give me your mailing address - postcards!
Hopefully, on Natasha's request, I'll write more sooner. For now I have to make supper.
Love Sharon.
PS If anyone out there knows how to make a paper like substance out of leaves, please email them to me at


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