Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Tomorrow (Australian time) is Natasha's birthday! It's actually in two days LA time. Still, everyone send Natasha birthday greetings!

First day in Auckland . . . actually, I'm in Auckland but it's not really the first day yet. I tried sleeping at the airport last night in order to make my early flight (saved $60). Well, I spent the day tired and with a headache so I went straight to bed as soon as I checked into a backpackers.
The bus from the airport to here was fun though. The green suburbs we drove through looked like ones I've seen in Everett, Washington, but with more exotic trees. And it was raining! I haven't seen rain in sooooo long! I actually found the rain beautiful and uplifting!
It's almost 2am and I can't sleep, funny that. I screwed myself over on this one. In the morning I plan to walk around Auckland before it gets too busy with people and traffic. That is my favourite time to see a city - while it's still asleep in the early morning. After which I should check out the art gallery (contemporary stuff and Maori stuff). I'd like to check out the parks in the afternoon, and a band is playing at the pub next to the hostel. I'll be able to find someone here to go with. Maybe the woman I met in the dorm from Austin, Texas, might come with me. She told me that for her 60th birthday, she went bungee jumping. She skydived so much she figured that she should give that one a try and she didn't like it. She's hanging out in Auckland until her daughter arrives, and then they'll rent a caravan and go driving around NZ.
Sarah C. is up to essay writing these days, you know what that means . . . nail clipping double-time!
So, I've had some lovely dreams, and maybe the rest of my NZ experience will produce better ones.
Love Sharon


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