Saturday, February 26, 2005

I've got three more weeks till I see friends Andrew and Heather in Calgary and as much as I can't wait - I'm thinking about maybe going to Chicago or Philidelphia for a few days in April - Philidelphia has the Duchamp museum - Chicago would be cool since I'm reading a book about the world fair murders.
After drinking last night I'm looking forward to crashing after work - and then to see Something about Reptiles (Turkish Canadian band - kind of caberet style) at the Rime. Saw them a dark december a long time ago - the lead wore crush velvet red - Aeran, Catherine, Sue and I dressed up in coctail dresses.
Aside from the lead singer, the band was essentally a Canadian ensemble of accordian, clarinet, bongos, guitar and whatever else. Singled out was this old, dark haired woman whose voice bellowed low sombre tones. The clarinet player played as if her notes spiraled around this old woman's words.
I saw them maybe a year later with Catherine and Sarah. They brought sashes and sequin costumes for the audience to wear and performed a hokey version of 'I Will Survive.' I didn't like the photography hanging on the walls there so I switched around the title cards until I was more satisfied.


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