Sunday, February 13, 2005

What now?

The winter sun makes the air soothing and crisp. A few days ago, I took advantage of this rare weather and walked my dog in Minnikada. As usual, I lost the path and spent forty minutes looking for the Upper Knoll (great view from there). As usual, I slipped and fell in mud. It was an excellent hike.

I ran into someone from elementary school. We shook hands, chatted a bit and exchanged phone numbers. I want to meet up with him and apologize for being such a bitch to him in elementary school. I was surprised how nice he was when we recognized eachother. On a sidenote, he's saving his money to go to flight school and become a bush pilot - How cool is that?

I've been seeing someone - first time in a long time - I think he's great. However it's going to be short and sweet - he going to leave for Australia in a couple of weeks. Hope to stay in touch as friends.

When I saw how beautiful the weather is today, I just wanted to get in the car, grab someone and drive to Harrison. I don't really care about Harrison as much as I love the drive there. And besides, could hang out on the cold beach for a while and make fun of the Sasquatch statues.

I guess I have that travelling urge again - good thing I'm flying to Calgary in March to visit awesome friends Andrew and Heather.


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