Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Definately Sex on a Cello!

Last night was awesome! Started off with some great wine (yellow tail) and Briana's friends, and ended with some delicious hashbrowns and an omlette!
It turns out that just as we got in to Richard's on Richards, two friends of mine followed. Brandi, who I met when I was sixteen, and Ryan who I've known off and on since I was fourteen. Ryan dated a girl I was friends with in middle school, and even though their breakup was nasty, for some reason I run into Ryan more often than her. In high school, Ryan and I were friends - and he looked so different. The guy was husky - broad shouldered (played hockey at the time) and bearded. He looked like he was 23. Now he has lost a lot of weight and is as skinny as me! Now he looks 16! (I couldn't restrain myself from tickling him - he's like a mini version of himself!)Hard for me to not think of him as being broad shouldered. Anyway - Brandi and Ryan (both shy people) hung out adjacent to Briana and gang for most of the night. At the end of it Briana was trying to make Ryan come back to her place! ( . . . to watch Buffy). But Ryan, Brandi and I are planning on hanging out soon.
Jarzane was amazing! Truly sex on a cello! I bought her CD - sort of her english album but I after listening to it I think I would enjoy her instrumental or French CDs more. The amount of fun and pleasure in her performance verified that there are some white musicians who can be sexual or passionate in a genuine way.
If you have the chance, check out Sarah Slean - as a performer she is really fun and her music really playful.
If Briana invites you out to see a performer or check out the media club - go! Briana has good taste! (She has invited me out to see a singer at the end of March named Fiest - I think that's the spelling).


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