Monday, March 14, 2005


I'm pretty clueless when it comes to telling if a guy is flirting - even worse when it comes to flirting in French. Today I was getting a new pair of glasses while the sales person and I tossed jokes back and forth. Somehow the topic of speaking French came up and once I told him I knew a little he started speaking French fluently (born in Montreal, grew up in Ontario . . .) and I tried my best to keep up. Just before I was about to leave the store he sparked up some more French words and pretending I understood what he was saying, I went with it only to leave the store realizing that he had said something about possibly giving me a call sometime . . . I think? Damn French! Thus leaving me more clueless than before!
I'm looking forward to seeing Sarah Slean at Richard's on Richards tomorrow night with Briana and her friend Ross. Briana insists that Sarah Slean is 'sex on a cello' and so I've definately got to see what this is all about. Haven't heard her stuff yet - I like showing up to concerts and being surprised by what I hear and see - for example I liked Sarah and Teagan much more when I didn't know who they were . . . if that makes any sense.
Thank you to everyone who called me up or gave their sympathies about that stupid car accident - you rock! I seem to be alright now - neck a little stiff but alright.


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