Sunday, May 01, 2005

Rebecca and Matt

Rebecca and Matt
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These love birds are so into each other and so happy - it can make you sick! All the same I'm happy for them.
I've know Rebecca since high school when we ditched classes and rode our bikes around colony farms. Her house was only about six houses away from mine so convenience turned us into close friends which became inconvenient for Rebecca when I started climbing her tree and tapping on her window to wake her up early for bikeriding - and one time I stole a lifesize Tim Allen cardboard image across from her bedroom door - only for her to get freaked out by it when she woke up. Her mother never locked the doors back then.
Matt, Rebecca and I had some dinner at Sammy J Peppers just to casually hang out and relax - I've been so busy I was pretty tired. After dinner we headed to my house to watch 'The Last Man on Earth' starring Vincent Price - a black and white about pathetic vampire zombies and only Vincent Price has an immunity to the air born virus.
Matt is a very entertaining msn person - he's gotten me through some pretty dull times! Yeah Matt!


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