Tuesday, May 03, 2005

The View from my 'Office'

The View from my 'Office'
The View from my 'Office',
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Since the evenings are getting warmer, my morning shifts now include collecting the almost-empty whiskey and scotch bottles the kids leave behind at night.
These guys are lucky to have the amphitheatre to hang out in. It's a really nice area. And sometimes they smoke pot during our open hours and we get phone calls from the neighbours to tell them to stop. We tell them we can't do that because they are smoking on public property. It makes me laugh that these winers think that little me has the authority to kick some teens off the property - especially since they're bigger than me. I always tell the neighbours to call the police if they have a problem but they usually don't.
Maillardville is Coquitlam's bad part of town . . . which is a laugh. The other day I actually found a letter in the paper considering that Maillardville could potentially be the next East Hastings if things aren't cleaned up. Yeah right. Coquitlam is pretty calm, even in Maillardville.


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