Monday, May 23, 2005

One Fantastic Play

Crazy for Life
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". . . behind her, a swell, a giant wave, rolling, gaining speed behind her, rolling, gaining speed behind her, totally oblivious. I call out, try to catch her attention, but she turns, faces the breaker, hit, arms up, body back, she shakes her head (pause) and hugs the water right back. Squeels and giggles mark the sky. Then, she starts the whole shabang again. Spins, waves, turns, hit - and embrace (pause) all over again."
From Crazy for Life
By Victoria Maxwell, the Bi-Polar Princess

A couple of Thursdays ago, I saw Victoria Maxwell perform her personal story of having bi-polar disorder. Never had I seen a monologue so engaging and expressive. Driven to educate the public about mental health awareness, Maxwell's humor is our ticket onto the Bi-Polar Express - and she's the conductor. Except I got on that train earlier than most people.
Her poetic imagery and precise portrayal of her illness examplifies what I wish I could spell out to those who have a hard time understanding what I've been through. Her enactment of her lows reflected my own so well that my throat squeezed on the inside and my eyes grew tense with hot tears.
More than her drama made me cry, she made me laugh. Over the last seven weeks, I have learned from my classes that my bi-polar disorder is an illness just like any other - not something I did wrong and not something wrong with my personality. Victoria Maxwell's humor only emphasized this.
After the play, I bought her CD - an audio-recording of her play. If any of my friends wants to borrow it - I would be estactic to hand it out.


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