Monday, May 09, 2005

One Really Great Weekend!

Mark - My New Friend!
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After pleading with Marc (met at Natasha's birthday party) he allowed me to come watch him and his crew jump over trucks with their bikes. So after work on Saturday, I out to Surrey to see them. They are really professional and have done a lot of work. This one was to help promote Motorcycle World in downtown Whalley. I stood between the ramps and Marc leaped with his bike over my head. I loved holding my breath as his bike hung in the air for a few seconds before descending down the ramp.
I also got the opportunity to ride on the back of some four wheel off road thing - the driver was able to climb over piles of tires.
When the show was over (and the people that came and went were really impressed) I tried to help load the ramps onto the trailor without doing much good, so I decided to say good-bye to Marc with the hope of meeting up again when we can actually hang out and talk, and head to Burnaby to see Sam because I hadn't seen him in a while and missed him. Him and Steve were hanging around the appartment trying to stay awake. I got myself some awesome Thai food from a great place on Edmonds St and joined in on the lounging.
From there I took off to meet up with my new friend Roy. After mentioning it over and over again, I finally decided to take him up on his offer of having a pint of guiness somewhere. Somewhere turned out to be White Rock - and the beach was gorgeous, the guiness great. And it was awesome sitting across from from Roy (one of the handsomest guys I know) and talking about everything. He's so passionate about music that he compulsively shares it. He drove us back from White Rock and we didn't talk, just enjoyed his amazing compilation of songs. He then introduced me to strawberry tea with cream and sugar, and some amazing piano on dvd (don't remember the name of the composers unfortunately - one was Gould) - the fingerwork was amazing and hypnotic. I had a good time hanging out with him - new friends are always good. It's really great that I'm meeting so many different people.


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