Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Look at Everyone's Trash

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To further update things - a couple of Mondays ago, Sam helped me indulge in my desire to take pictures of the neighbors' trash during the spring cleaning week by driving me around Coquitlam. Sam only had a couple of hours to spare before work so I really appreciated him hanging out with me - with everything that's going on it's been hard to meet up.

I like seeing what people throw out. It's the reason I used to wander through Value Village just looking at everything and not buying. I don't know why I'm interested in the stuff that people don't want anymore. Sometimes the stuff has a story to it, sometimes I imagine some horror story significance behind the object and scare myself (I'm a goof).

Sam found a forest path in Westwood Plateau, parked the car and into the green we hiked. I like that Sam and I make eachother do things we normally wouldn't. This crazy guy wants to go hiking and camping for a week . . . wonder if I'll tag along.


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