Saturday, June 11, 2005

Gayle in her Grad Dress

Gayle in her Grad Dress
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Last night I picked Gayle up from her house to hang out. I like the fact she has no money - then we do things that doesn't cost much. After quickly eating some awesome honey dew ice cream (Korean ice cream, introduced to me by my friend Roy) we decided that it would be fun for Gayle to drive the van (she has her learners). She drove us around Westwood Plateau and then to White Pine beach. She crawled up behind a shiny black car which scared me because I forgot to inform her that the brakes don't work properly all the time.
At White Pine, we were going to park and sneak in but security was hanging around - the white pick up truck. Gayle had to roll down the window for him to talk to us - thank god he can't ask for her license or anything. It scares me that it's only June and security is already hanging around that area. If they keep that up, it will conflict with most of my skinny dipping plans for this summer.
So from there, Gayle drove around that beautiful area for about 20 minutes as we talked about stuff. I took over when we decided to go to Rocky Point - Pt Moody has a lot of police cars hanging around.
We picked up a bag of beef jerky and headed to the dock. It's nice talking to someone who's at a very different time in their life - even though it's not like I wasn't there recently myself.
My friend Neal is at a poker tournament right now - everyone send him telepathic good vibes!


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