Friday, July 29, 2005

Mom and Aerin see Herbie

My friend Aerin used to live at my house for a while - she's one of the few people we consider an Honorary Inkpen. Last night she wanted to sleep over at my house in order to spend some time with Catherine. I had plans and since my mom has been wanting to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory for a while, she treated Aerin to a movie. My friend Tristan said to me last night, "So your mom hangs out with your friends and doesn't invite you along." Well, my mom can be a lot of fun from time to time.
I expected them home around 9:30pm which never happened. Aerin convinced my mom to sneak into a second movie. They hid in the handicap washroom at the end of their movie, and Aerin rearranged her outfit before they snuck into Herbie: Fully Loaded. My mom is definately more fun when she doesn't have to think that she has to adhere to that idea of being a good role model as a mother.
One time she went to see one the Harry Potter movies by herself to escape from the summer heat and decided to sneak into the Spiderman movie afterwards. She had a really disciplining, scary father so it's good that she's finally gotten around to doing some mischeif.


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