Thursday, August 04, 2005

Urban Living

I arrived Tuesday evening at Briana and Will's appartment to house-sit while they are overseas in Australia. To my surprise, Will had left me a gift with a distinct odor to welcome me upon my entry - expired fish in a hot stuffy fourth floor appartment! Very pungent and natural, I wonder what kind of aromatherapy it's scent offers.
As nice as the gesture is, I did, however, have to wrap it in a couple of plastic bags and throw it in the dumpster outside. I hope Will isn't too upset - I must apologize to him because I know it's impolite to throw away gifts especially so soon after receiving it.
So I've been staying in the appartment for the past couple of days and it has been nice. I made Glen sleep on the couch the first night just in case the appartment was haunted by the ghost of the expired fish. If we were ever attacked by fish-ghosts, Glen would know what to do.
The building is surrounded by the business district, and even though I haven't been there long, I can already tell downtown living isn't for me. I already miss the forests and parks near my house - and walking around, everyone looks so rich and cold it makes me shiver. I'm glad to have tried this out - back when I was a teenager I thought living downtown would be the best, and with my poor financial state, I'm glad I've grown indifferent to it. I guess it's important for me to feel as though I'm living in a community - I'm sure East Van would be more appropriate for me.
The appartment is lovely though - I love high ceilings and a trim where the wall ends. There's a small patio with a good view of Fitness World - I keep debating about drinking wine from the bottle naked out there - put on a show for the people on the treadmills. If only I had a tiarra to accompany the show. Good thing the patio has outdoor lighting.
I'm taking advantage of the location the best I can by making Glen my urban husband. He's going to show me the clubs and nightlife. I'm not really a clubber at all - I'd rather be in a pub somewhere talking to strangers and listening to a good live band. But clubbing with Glen is fun - we dance, make fun of the crowd, drink martinis. And Glen has great fashion sense so he can help me out on what to wear (but we all know that regardless of all his help, I still turn out maud).
Money I was saving for moving out has to be put towards tuition this fall. But I'm hoping to be able to save enough to keep me stable and good to move out in January. I am excited about returning to school.


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