Thursday, June 03, 2004

Crap it's been a long time since I last wrote. Sorry everyone. I've been busy with school and sad with homsickness and the idea of leaving some of the awesome people I've met here. I don't have very interesting things to say. Rachel cut my hair though she has no training and did an amazing, funky job. I joined the trivia club and our hall (though not my team) won the interhall championships at ANU. I used some stinky pigment for screenprinting last Saturday that left me incoherent and disoriented . . . I am no longer allowed to use that pigment.
Figuring out what to do after the semester (ends June 16th), I signed up with Heather for a bus trip to the dessert (Alice Springs) though my Dad (whose birthday it is today in Australian time) calls it the 'little dessert' and not the real one. Apparently, I have to watch out for scorpions that will climb into my shoes and sleeping bag (we're camping). Mom asked me why would I want to go to the dessert, and my reply was that I don't know. I guess red sand is good. I just wanted to go on an adventure with someone I like a lot (Heather). When I return from that trip I'll go on my own to Brisbane.
I fear that I will be returning home with a fake Canadian accent. My friend Laura (from Tazmania, stay up all night and talk about stuff) exagerates my accent to the point that she sounds like a character out of "Fargo." After a night of playing cards and listening to this immitation over and over again, her pathetic rendering of Canadianness has sunk into my subconscious and keeps popping up in my everyday conversation. Grrrrr, Laura!
Laura lent me the book 'Rules for Killing People.' I wonder about her.
I learned that the word 'bugger' is a swear word yesterday when I used it in front of my teacher and caused her to look at me cock-eyed. I hear it everywhere and everyday in place of 'darn.' Fun way to find out.
Andrew found a girl and now he's really nice to everyone.
Can't think of much more to say except that I think, though it may be too soon to declare it, I have learned how to be productive!
I hope that aside from crumby summer jobs, you guys are having fun.
Love Sharon - not too long to go.