Friday, April 28, 2006

Statistics 2300 . . . yeah . . .

Here's the cover of my $126.63 textbook. I'm not excited about taking statistics this summer. In fact, I'm dreading it. But I have to say, the cover of mother penguins with their baby penguins does make me feel a bit better about the whole thing. What this photograph has to do with Statistics - I don't know, but it's a sweet picture. Maybe my professor will have the same voice and tone as Morgan Freeman, the narrater in The March of the Penguin. Then I would definately enjoy Statistics more.



I almost got a kitten today . . .

black kitten, originally uploaded by Cia L.

Two girls stood outside Willowbrook Mall with a rubbermaid container of adorable black kittens and a sign that said 'FREE KITTENS.' (This pic I found on flickr so that you can see how cute black kittens are!)
The girls had salvaged the kittens from their father's warehouse where they would have been taken to the SPCA. I picked two of the four up one at a time. They were so friendly that I could not believe that I used to be afraid of cats. Now, living on my own, I want a fury four legged creature to keep me company. I seriously thought I could take one home even though I do not make enough money to cover my costs let alone the cost of food, cat litter and medical bills. And I work so much, the poor thing would get lonely. Besides, I can not say I have a life stable enough for that kind of pet. Tania suggested that I get a hamster, but I don't want the kind of pet that just sits in a cage and stinks it up. I don't think I should even have a goldfish because I'm so busy.
If I had got the kitten, what should I have named it??? Sharon Junior? Crocodile? Sweet Pea? Banana Pirate? Shoo-Shoo the Adventurer? Johnny Depp? What would you have named it?
So, I am very happy that Briana and Will are moving to the neighborhood because they're fun people. It's fortunate for me that they have a little pup named Wagner. It might be the playtime I get with him that will keep me from bringing home some fuzzy four-legged critters.


Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Latest Update

I finished my last exam yesterday so I am free of academic responsibility until May 1st when I start my summer classes. Now that is over, I am finding myself exhaling at length.

But I did not sleep well last night. Ideas for sculptures have been popping up in my head. I have been in touch with two old friends from art school and the creativity is buzzing. I would like to finish my bachelors of fine arts one day, but as a personal challenge because I do not want to be a full time artist. I would rather be researching and working with people. So in the meantime I am continuing to sketch out ideas and dabble with paint here and there as I continue studying sociology.

I have bought a membership to the art gallery downtown and I am excited about checking out the next exhibit. Actually, I am more excited that summer is approaching, that Tristan and I are being creative on a small budget and that hopefully I'll be visiting my sis in Tofino.


Thursday, April 13, 2006

I Heart Katamari

Monday evening I found myself sick in bed - so I knew the best thing would be to head over to Natasha's for TLC! She gave me some chamomile/mint/lemon/ginger tea and some toast with marjarine to make my stomach feel better. Since her boyfriend was at work, we decided to monopolize his playstation 2 and play Katamari. This game is hilarious. All you do is roll around a ball and pick up stuff like thumb-tacs, strawberries, sparrows - anything in your way until you have made your ball big enough for 'dad.' Simple idea, but sooo much fun!

In other news, I'm looking to move into cheaper accomodation. Cheaper will mean roomates so I've been answering ads and setting up appointments. I want to stay in the same neighborhood though, so I'm not in a hurry to move out until I find the right roomates and the right place.

Other than that, I'm working, studying, finishing exams and having fun.