Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Latest Update

I finished my last exam yesterday so I am free of academic responsibility until May 1st when I start my summer classes. Now that is over, I am finding myself exhaling at length.

But I did not sleep well last night. Ideas for sculptures have been popping up in my head. I have been in touch with two old friends from art school and the creativity is buzzing. I would like to finish my bachelors of fine arts one day, but as a personal challenge because I do not want to be a full time artist. I would rather be researching and working with people. So in the meantime I am continuing to sketch out ideas and dabble with paint here and there as I continue studying sociology.

I have bought a membership to the art gallery downtown and I am excited about checking out the next exhibit. Actually, I am more excited that summer is approaching, that Tristan and I are being creative on a small budget and that hopefully I'll be visiting my sis in Tofino.



Blogger natolkow said...

What the hell is Susie-Q doing in Tofino?? ANd good on you for finishing skool!! Woohoo! I am also enjoying the NO SKOOL TIME ZONE, also until summer semester begins.

10:11 AM  

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