Thursday, February 16, 2006

Is Valentine's Pure Crap?

This year, for Valentines, I got a speech. The basics of which stated that Valentine's day just forces couples to do nice things, and because it's forced, those nice things are not genuine. Therefore, why would someone "want to spend $100 of bullshit [on me] just because it's Valentines day"?
Fair enough. The way I see it is that I've had Valentine's day experiences that have almost made me faint, and I would agree that those nice things weren't genuine . . . well, that is to say that I gave for the sake of occaision rather than true romantic feelings. Particularly for the partners who provided a wonderful Valentines Day gift/surprise, the relationships lacked romance on a day-to-day basis as if Valentines somehow compensated for the overall relationship. I personally prefer random surprises and sweet gestures over scheduled and culturally implemented occassions. What do you think?
All the same, my feelings aside, I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentines Day anyways.


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