Monday, August 22, 2005

Water, Water and More Water!!!

I just spent an awesome weekend hanging with one of my favourite couples, Rebecca and Matt. It began Friday night with beer, Cesears and Fubar - a great combination. They live out in Langford, near Victoria. Their house is surrounded by trees, hills and rednecks. If I live anywhere, it has to have green nearby. I realized that when I got to Matt's place and already felt at home. Gray Vancouver skyscrapers aren't my style. It's important for me to be near parks and to have easy access to skinny-dipping opportunities.
The next morning we ate Rebecca's blueberry pancakes, eggs and toast on their picnic table in the backyard. Matt put the sprinkler on so that I could run and jump through it until I was soaked. Rebecca said that if they ever needed practise in what it would be like having children, all they'd have to do is invite me over.
Soaking wet, I continued reading the Jade Peony by Wayson Choy and proofreading a friend's cover letter until it was time to go to the water slides. Mind you, I had already gone on the Monday earlier to have fun with teenagers who have cognitive disabilities, but I figured doing it again with Rebecca and Matt would be just as much fun (especially since we had a few beers before hand). Matt taught me how to go extra fast by pushing my belly up and putting all of my weight into my heels and shoulders. He almost flew off the slide one or two times doing that.
After the slides, sunburned and tired, Rebecca put some skewers on the barbeque and we watched Good Morning Vietnam. At about midnight, Matt's friends called us up for some skinny dipping in a lake that is about ten minutes away from his house. No matter what, I can't turn down a skinny-dipping moment - it's related to some kind of cognitive disorder I think. The moon was full and bright behind the trees - it was fun swimming in and out of it's path. Matt's friends were really nice too. I think everyone should make friends when they're naked.
The next morning we had a smorgesbord of brunch items, and I debated whether or not I should order a pint of Guiness with my breakfast. I had to catch an afternoon ferry back in order to get a few things done before my first day back at work after a week off. Rebecca and I missed the 1pm sailing so we stopped in Sydney to look at second hand books - I found seven awesome books - really bad timing with school approaching and all.
I tried to sleep through the ferry ride. The interesting bit is that I met this landed immigrant from Dallas, Texas. He asked me which bus to take in his thick Southern drawl. We ended up on the same bus. He asked me about the books I was carrying and I showed him the Jade Peony. I told him how it's about a Chinese family living in Chinatown, Vancouver, during the 1930's and 40's, and how through the perspectives of the children, it eloquently talks about Chinese-Canadian history and society. He told me everything he was learning about Canadian history and that he found the French Canadians interesting.
We talked about music. He's currently really into celtic music and I told him about how I heard too much of that stuff in Ireland which lead to a tangent about my mom's side being Irish. His is a mix of white, black, First Nation and Chinese though I could only see African features in him. He lowered his black sunglasses with white rhinestones in the sides and showed me that his eyes curve into a point on either side like most Asian eyes do.
He spoke quietly and quickly, but from what I could make out, I found him really interesting. With the promises of coffee and more conversation, we parted at Scott Road skytrain. He reminded me of what I love most about travel - the interesting people you meet along the way.


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