Sunday, August 21, 2005


On his way back from Tasmania, Robin once again stayed in Vancouver for a couple of days before his inevitable and dooming return to Regina. Just as before, we decided to hang out for a day, but this time we knew eachother better than that drunken night in Calgary. I didn't expect it but Robin brought me back a gift that he carried in his backpack throughout his travels in Australia and then to San Francisco - a package of TimTams, Australia's favourite cookie, but in Chilli-Chocolate flavour. There are as many TimTams in Australia as there are Pocky in Japan. Robin described this to me through email but I never would have guessed how great they are - when you bite them they start out tasting like your average dark chocolate cookie - but after you've swallowed, the spicy burn hits the top of your mouth leaving you amazed and surprised at what has just happened to you. All the same, I'm even more impressed that he carried it around with him all over Australia!
When I last saw Robin, I took him on an adventure in the Tri-Cities, and then hung out with him at the Vancouver Art Gallery a couple of days later. Today we wandered aimlessly not necessarily looking for something to do but just to catch up with eachother. My friend Andrea gave us a couple of free ice teas from her shop. We drank a couple of pints of Guiness on Graville island as well as eating Dubliner Irish cheese on green olive bread. We watch some free Shakespeare, A Comedy of Errors, under the stars. All the roles were performed by teenagers. Nothing better than Shakespeare performed with a retainer-lisp!
After fantastic vegetarian food and organic beer at the Naam, Robin and I found ourselves at the beach. An object that looked like it was lit by candles was floating on the water. Robin called it a UFO - an Unidentified Floating Object. We hung out there well past the last skytrain home, but that's what happens when it's your only night with a friend who's leaving town. I had an awesome time.
I eventually took the night bus to Sam's because at 3am there was no way I was going to find a way back to my house. Arriving there at 4am and just as I was feeling content that I was finally there after a long bus ride, I notice a skunk crossing the sidewalk infront of Sam's house only to turn down the driveway into Sam's backyard where he left a door unlocked for me. I unfortunately had to wake the poor guy up to help me in - the guy works 80 hours a week! I owe him a six-pack the next time he's available for a few beers.


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