Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Busy Girl

Yep, I've been really busy. I can't say that I've settled into the appartment entirely. I think I need a small dresser or something for the day-old jeans in and such - instead of throwing them on the floor. I also need some thick drapes to keep the light out but all in good time. For now, blankets do just fine.
I want to paint though. This sunny weather has got my creativity flowing. I have so many ideas and no time. The white walls of the appartment need some colour and rad, abstract canvases are my alternative.
It was weird the first week of having that place to myself. I mean, coming home and finding that there's no one for me to notify that I'm home. In other words, there's no one for me to tell that I still exist. The thought creeped me out to the point of calling up Tristan and telling him that I was home just so that someone would know. It has been weeks since then and now it doesn't bug me.
I like having a place to myself. I'm naked or in my underwear most of the time (especially because I can't turn down the heat). I'm eating healthier because I buy myself healthy food. I walk whenever I can and I can see the difference.
Once in a while, there's the social side of me that feels lonely. I started to stress out a few weeks ago, and after sorting things through with Catherine, I decided on having a weekly social appointment. So, after asking Natasha if she'd join me, every Monday night is social night. That means hanging out with Natasha and whoever else wants to come along and do whatever. In high school when things got to me, I used to walk to her place in PoCo and hang out there. Regardless of her and her mom yelling at each other from across the house, hanging out with her always made me feel calm and comfortable, and it still does. Plus she's a lot of fun.
Classes at Douglas have been going well enough. I still love sociology. It's the discussions, assignments and content that I enjoy. However, lately the classes haven't been as engaging as I like. Hopefully things will pick up and get more interesting down the road. I can't wait until 3rd year.
Thanks to Briana, I've got a second job entering event listings online for Canwest. I like this job so far because I can do it from anyone's computer at anytime, and certain aspects are more challenging than I expected.
Today's pictures: Left: some random Czech puppet image I found online, Right: Old Trout Puppet Workshop. A few weeks ago I saw Famous Puppet Death Scenes by the Old Trout Puppet Workshop, (presented by the Push International Performance Art Festival). The performance was surreal, satiric and mind-lingering. This company had amazing puppets and did really creative things. I mean, I've always loved the Muppets, but they don't compare to the Old Trout Puppet Workshop.
This isn't so much my average blog because I don't have much of an intention here - just a head's up on how things have been going for me without much insight into the greater scheme of things. Ah well - I expect some future entries to be more interesting as I'll probably post some papers I have written for college.



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