Sunday, September 18, 2005

24th Birthday

Usually when I have a great time, I write extensively and sensually about the experience. But all I can say about my birthday is that it was awesome because I got to see my favourite people.
My official birthday started on Sept 15 on the skytrain when my cell rang and it was Natasha screaming happy birthday to me - then breakfast with Briana at the Templeton on Granville. After classes - it was topped off by Tristan bringing me roses at work.
Then my birthday took a break until Saturday when my friends started showing up for the potlock - Each received a name tag with the person who would play them in the theoretical movie about my life. I was happy to see each of them. I hate putting parties together but I love hanging with my friends and having a good time. Even better is when my friends become friends with each other - Karla is coming out with Nick and I for some fun this coming Saturday. Everyone got to meet my mysterious twin sister. I was really touched that Rebecca and her boyfriend Matt stopped by on their way back from California to Victoria. Plus awesome food - Thanks Matt for the spicy chilli - it is soooooo good! And we enjoyed Mike's banana bread for breakfast!
It's Sunday today and my sore throat has finally caught on - so this sick girl is going to bed. But I had a really great time!


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