Wednesday, August 24, 2005

No More Martinis, Thanks

With college evening classes and working weekends approaching me faster and faster, I have made it my goal to spend as many evenings as possible having fun. Of course that means twoonie-martini Tuesdays with Nick at Infernos. The first time I went there, I found their martinis really weak. Since then I have therefore been ordering double vodka martinis with extra olives. I had already chugalugged two doubles when Tristan bought me a third before I had realized what he had done. Waste not, want not . . . right?
So laughing with Nick's friends and dancing at the Lotus followed. I forgot my jacket at Infernos and fortunately, Tristan tagged along to help me fetch it and find my way back to the Lotus. I would have been really lost.
One of Nick's friends is friends with an exboyfriend of mine which always makes me nervous because I don't know what they know. Turns out she likes me fine and we had a blast.
Doug gave me a lapdance near the end - better than I've ever seen in a strip bar. Nick told me Doug thinks I'm a player - but I'm not - I don't even speak the language. I'm more of a tease really. So needless to say when Doug finished I was blushing a rich crimson red. Fortunately it was really dark at the Lotus (I hate it when I blush).
Unfortunately I woke up this morning with a terrible hangover. I'm at work right now trying to ignore it by killing time on the blog. This evening I'm due to hang out with my friend Ryan at the Media Club downtown to see something called Rock n' Roll Circus. Should be fun if I can stay awake!


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