Sunday, January 14, 2007

Walmart Is Selling My Boyfriend!

You can apparently buy him for only $8.80.

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Last Day as a Receptionist

Today is my last day as a receptionist. I am moving on to Public Outreach as well as tutoring teenagers with autism. I don't like staying in one place for too long when it comes to doing the same things over and over. I need opportunity for growth and challenge. I have been here for over two years and so it's time to do something new.
My leaving may also mean that this is my last blog entry. I am generally not that big on the blog thing - it's useful for travelling abroad to show the people back home what you've been up to. Since my return from Australia - I have been blogging as a means to pass the time at work when there is nothing to do. We'll see.
I am a loyal person and so I am having a hard time saying good bye to a few people here who are really cool. I am also disappointed that there has not been any formal recognition of my time here - like a letter of appreciation from the boss (isn't that the average protocol?). Some people who have left this place have received a goodbye dinner - I don't want that but it is always nice to see that one's time was appreciated in some way. Maybe it's just another sign that it is better to leave this place and move forward.
It's hard to leave one employment that has grown to be comfortable and stable, and then go into the unknown. Today I am feeling some unexpectant anxiety. However, I figure nothing good, well except for rent, can come from staying in a lifeless, stagnant job - and that worst comes to worst, I have family and friends who I can depend on as I keep plugging away at university.
So tonight I will probably celebrate . . . in one form or another. Maybe now that I am not answering phones for a living, I will actually call up my friends and meet up - crazy notion eh?