Friday, December 22, 2006

I can't open jars . . .

Last night Shayne took me to Cliffhangers with his friends to teach me how to rockclimb. I have been wanting to learn for a few years now - ever since that time in Jervis Bay, Australia, when I tried to rappel off a cliff, froze with fear and turned to jello. Shayne had offered to take me many times before, but I always hesitated on going.
But the thing is, rockclimbing is so much fun! I was definately scared at first; I could not trust that the rope would hold me. I made it to the top of the easiest climb, the one adorned with a dinosaur head and colourful letters, looked down to see Shayne give me the thumbs up and heard him say "Good job sweetie . . . time to let go and come down." I just shook my head at him and thought to myself "There's no way I am letting go." He just laughed and kept coaxing me to let go.
As a kid I loved, well actually, even today I love climbing trees. I remember climbing to the top of large evergreens. My mom would be waiting at the bottom furiously telling me to climb down, and having realized I climbed too high like Tigger and Roo, I would shout back "I can't!"
At the climbing gym, I eventually did let go of the rope and tip-toed backwards down the wall retro-batman style. I did a couple more climbs after that and each time I got just as scared, especially as I neared the top and grew suspicious of the rope. Sometimes my arms shook either because of my fear or from my muscles giving out. At the same time, facing my fears is so much fun - all that adrenaline and suspense. I used to be scared of a lot of things and then I realized how boring it is to be scared all the time. Nothing changes. So I am definately going back to Cliffhangers and continue climbing.
I woke up this morning to find my forearms sore and that I could not grip the lids of jars tight enough to open them. No problem, I can live a day without jam.
Also, to my great surprise, I ran into Nick at the gym. Nick and I have been friends for years, but we live such different lives that I hardly get to see him and hang out. This past weekend he invited me to see the work less party's production of "The Church of Pointless Consumerism" which had all the charm of highschool performances and the buffoonery only a political musical can muster. The show ended with an "End of the World" party which included terrible wine, chatting with Nick and dancing with my homeboy Shayne!

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