Saturday, May 06, 2006

Mom the Rebel-Rouser

Mom is the woman who lectured me against swearing when I was 7, punished me for stealing at 14 and worriedly disapproved of my drinking at 20. But every now and then life upsets the order that you have grown accustomed to just to keep you from being boring. Well, that happen to me last night with Mom.
We planned on seeing the movie the Wild friday night and had sushi at a nearby restaurant. After finishing our dessert of ornamentally coiled oranges, we had almost an hour before the movie began. "Let's go for a walk," my mother suggested and I concurred even though the local scenery consisted of the highway, fastfood restaurants and parking lots. "Susie introduced me to these drinks called Vodka Ice " my mom said, "and I really like them." I then noticed that we were approaching a liquor store.
I sarcastically reciprocated, "What? You want to get some booze for the show?"
"Why not?" she replied.
"You serious?"
"We can hide the bottles in my coat or your purse."
"Okay. I guess . . . " I was quietly shocked inside.
With one Vodka Ice and a bottle of Canadian in my purse, we purchased our tickets and headed for the theatre. "You know," my mother started, "it would be less conspicuous if we sipped from straws. I'm going to go get some."
I had not sipped beer from a straw since I was twelve years old when Natasha and I got into my dad's 0.5% Alc beer. I hated the taste and figured that I could endure the drink better if I sucked through the straw from the back of the mouth and bypass all my tastebuds. I had forgotton that it is easier to get drunk from beer through a straw because you never have to remove the beer from your lips as your would with a glass, bottle or can and can therefore suck at length.
My mom and I enjoyed the Wild for what it is - a kid's movie. When it was over, I noticed that some movies had just started. My mom has snuck into a second movie twice (both times in her fifties), and I have never. I have, as a fourteen year old, bought a ticket for a G-rated movie and snuck into a R-rated one, but I have never done the double feature. My mother, and I agree, feels that it makes the expensive price of a ticket more worth your while.
So from the washroom we headed for theatre 17 to see the Rocket. This movie is about Maurice Richard, one of the best hockey players of all time, and his tribulations of being a francophone minority in the anglophone majority of the NHL. The film wove between English and French (Quebec French - an accent I have not heard since I was 18) just like the common dialect of Montreal, the story's setting. Both my mom and I enjoyed this film, and found ourselves tired at home at 1 am (I was cranky . . . I'm not really nice when I'm cranky . . . )
All in all I enjoy seeing the hidden dimensions of my mother. It's as if she turns into a real human being when we leave the house as opposed to the worrisome but law obiding mother that I know.



Blogger natolkow said...

I SO don't remember drinking your dad's 0.5% beer! I didn't think your dad drank beer, and I imagine I would have been too scared to drink YOUR DAD'S beer.....
The actual reason you get drunker when drinking beer through a straw is something to do with the condensation, and it gets into your bloodstream faster. Always fun to do, especially when in a hot tub!

12:43 PM  

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